Cutter HS140

GIEMA - Cutter HS140

Included in delivery: Cutter with 140 mm blade, synthetic box, 2 blades (CN26 and CR 20)

This cutter is ideal to cut poly hard foams, ame resistant according to DIN 4102. It is suited for straight and round u-prole cuts for pipe or wire channels and clean cuttings of wall and ceiling panels. Gable and dormer closings can be cut to size.

Even hard to create round cuts (for example power outlets) and cuts for pipe insulation are possible.

Technical data
Cutting size: 140 mm
Time to heat: 10 s
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Rated input: 110 W
Intermittent duty: 12 s ON / 48 s OFF
Cutting temperature: max. 500°C
Weight: 1,025 g
Data sheet foam cutting equipmentPDF 547 kB


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