Suction and conveying pump CPPS Mono / CPPS Power

GIEMA - Suction and conveying pump CPPS

These suction and conveying pumps apply to different purposes and represent both pump types in one device. They were developed for the processing of pasty materials from disposable containers cleverpac. The CPPS pumps combine excellent performance and simplicity of use. Motors with variable speed drive guarantee an exceptionally high level of performance and huge flexibility in the amount of material output.

The machines can be quickly divided into 2 parts and are easy to transport. They are suitable for all common pasty premixed materials such as i.e.: finishing coat, lime cement plaster, joint mortar, sanding surface, filler, restoration plasters, emulsion adhesives and all premixed materials like decoration plasters etc.

The suction and conveying pumps sequence CPPS with the issues Mono and Power covers any range of application and performance expectations. In terms of handling these forcefully designed conveying pumps have been reduced to their bare essentials: you will not find any unnecessary element on them. The suction and conveying pumps CPPS are standard with an additional water-additive-dosing device for paste materials which is constantly variable. By smoothness of handling (closing wedge) the suction pump can be immediately converted into a pump.

Standard equipment suction and conveying pumps CPPS (suction version)
  • continuously adjustable speed
  • pressure gauge at pump end
  • connection for remote control
  • water and additive pump
  • pressure switch
Technical data
CPPS Mono CPPS Power
Type of pump: N13S D8-1,5
Max grain size: 3 mm 3 mm
Output: 15 l 30 l
Delivery pressure: 30 bar 40 bar
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz 400 V / 50 Hz
Drive: 1.5 kW 3.0 kW
Weight: 80 kg 100 kg
Length: 1,450 mm 1,450 mm
Width: 560 mm 560 mm
Height: 460 mm 460 mm
Rotation speed control: X X
Data sheet CPPSPDF 570 kB


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