Martin Maier

Martin Maier

As a medium-sized company GIEMA GmbH has developed optimized and manufactured hauling- and mixing technologies for very different applications for over 20 years.

We act upon the maxim: “Our standard is to set the benchmark.”

Our customers come from very different branches of industries and trades which is no coincidence. No matter if we optimize present technology or develop completely new solutions – our task is always to understand the employed process of our customers, to analyze and to optimize it by new technology.

Our motto is: “We simplify!”

Because to us, reducing the optimization process to its technical aspects is only the second best solution. We make it our mission to optimize hauling, mixing and transport equipment to our customer’s individual needs and until it perfectly complements his requirements for a more economical workflow.

“We just do it”

Any challenge is welcome. Our strength is the wide range of application our machines can work at. Once we receive a new task, our demand is: “We simply make it”. Our satisfied customers will confirm that we perform perfectly in line with our slogan.


  • 1990 – Formation of GIEMA Handels GmbH
    Business field: independent contractor of steel constructions for plant and machine constructors based in Hartheim-Bremgarten/Southern Germany.
  • 1993 – Development of “Mama” silo mixing pump and beginning of our business connection with “Marmorit”. To this day we produced and delivered over 700 “Mamas””.
  • 1993 – Beginning of our business relation with Putzmeister AG in Aichtal. To this day we produced and delivered over 3000 assembly parts “MP 25”, 500 subassemblies “Tellermischer”, etc.
  • 1999 – Formation of Giema Polska Sp.z.o.o. in 62100 Wagrowiec/Poland.
  • 2000 – Market launch of “PUTZI”
  • 2010 – Market launch of “cleverpac”