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PASTY CLEVERPAC – the new logistic solution from Giema

PASTY CLEVERPAC is the low-cost altermative to the mini silo. It is particularly suitable for the use in private housing to process glue or reinforcement-mortar, where the use of a silo is uneconomical due to silo-setting-fees and costs of transport. The contractor can choose to work with the continuous mixer “CP” to mix the material immediately or to work with the continuous mixer CP’S with sensor control to feed a mixing pump.
Example: adherence mortar and reinforcement mortar


The new GIEMA developpment, the suction and conveying pumps CPPS will cover the processing of the disposable containers CLEVERPAC. Motor with variable speed drive guarantees high flexible output for the use of pre-mixed paste-like products. CPPS disposes a further water measuring or an additional appliance measuring. With an easy handling the delivery pump can be modified into a conveying pump.
PASTY CLEVERPAC and the conveying pump CPPS compose an ideal Team on the building lot.

We will be pleased to inform you in detail and are looking forward to your contact.


GIEMA presents new partners in abroad:

GIEMA did sign new Distribution contracts for Great Britain with ARISTOSPRAY (STRATA) and France with Putzmeister Lancy Mörtelmaschinen (PL2M).

Distribution of GIEMA-machines in Great Britain, Schottland, Wales, Irland, North-Amerika and Australia

Distribution of GIEMA-machines in France aswell as the french Oversea Countries (TOM-Countries = Territoire d’Outre Mer)

As of 2014 STRATA and PL2M are the exclusive Distribution Partners for These countries. They are authorized in distributor- and after-sales-Network in these countries.

Press release - GIEMA GMBH and STRATAPDF 149 kB
Press release - GIEMA GMBH and PL2MPDF 79 kB

Last update: 03/2018